Access a community of 3 million talented Creators to equip your brand with tailor-made video & imagery.

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Scale your tailor-made photography & video content over 3 simple stages:

Brief & Launch

Detail the tone, aesthetics, target audience or any brand specifications of your desired content. Tap into Foap’s creative IQ … and click!

Review & Select

Presto! Watch your Mission gallery populate with visual content made to your brief. Browse, test & select your winning assets.

Collect & Go

Download your videos or photos, deploy your custom content in your marketing campaigns and hit your KPIs and ROI.

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Brief & Launch your Mission

Some people call it a brand brief; others a campaign plan. We call it a Mission.

Why? It’s more than a brief. A Mission is a vehicle that drives the shape, direction and results of your campaign, from conception, selection to deployment, with the Foap team offering end-to-end guidance and support along the whole creative journey.

Choose from 3 types of Missions

Exclusive Mission

You want your content to stand out and avoid any copycats.

Request assets exclusively licensed to your brand.

Product Sampling

You want to create some early buzz or test the market with some social-media visuals.

Let Foap select sample users & generate pre-launch content.

Secret Mission

You’re about to launch but you want to keep your competitors guessing.

Launch a Mission only visible to a select group.

Review & Select

You’re up and running. Now watch your Mission Gallery populate with assets customised to your Mission, all in real time.

Intuitive & flexible platform big on smarts

Control, monitor and analyze the whole process

Inspect and analyse portfolios of potential Creators

Collaborate with talented Creators

Expert Legal & Creative Team

7 years of creative know-how & legal guidance

A dedicated art direction team at your brand’s disposal

Admin support providing speedy quality & legal checks

Diverse network of creative talent

The collective creativity of 3 million Creators from over 180 countries

Photos and videos made in any location in the world

Localised and culturally relevant content

Collect & Start Marketing

Download and start leveraging your visual content however or wherever you like. It’s all yours. For good!

Why Foap?

A picture is worth a 1000 words

… just as long as it’s on brand. We believe there is no substitute for authentic brand imagery. No generic stock images or videos here. Only custom visual content that tells your brand’s story - and yours alone.

It’s in our blood

Just like you, we live for our craft. And that’s the business of delivering beautiful visual content that wows and sells. We love nothing more than to collaborate on strategy or talk metrics til the sun goes down - and after.

7 years and counting

That’s how long we’ve been guiding brands to creative greatness. Our creative team’s marketing IQ is only matched by the expertise of our legal & admin experts, ensuring your content not only performs but is legal and secure.

Learn more about the Team and Community behind the lenses

Foap gives brands the opportunity to create authentic content which engages with the consumers. It’s fast and easy. Working with the Foap community is an enrichment for our brand.

Alissa Mueller
International Digital Content Manager

Whenever we needed to tweak something, the Foap team helped us figure out a solution to provide a better outcome. They worked seamlessly with our team when it came to activating each campaign.

Rachel Lee
Marketing Account Executive

The social power of Foapers changed the way we collect the photos. We can promote Poland using fantastic shots of real people. Foap is the perfect choice for us!

Agnieszka Tomczyszyn
Project Manager

How did NIVEA cut their marketing spend and achieve an impressive increase in CTR?

NIVEA found themselves paying a lot for content that never seemed to fit their brand and ‘visual-first’ marketing strategy. Same old stock photography. Same old expensive photo/video shoots. And that’s when Foap stepped in …

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co-creators feeding NIVEA’s campaign


customised images telling NIVEA’s story on social media, their way


original videos driving serious CTR results for NIVEA

See how Foap got NIVEA out of their content jam

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