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About this mission

After school, there is always energy to do something different! We want to see different after school activities while enjoying your Buddy Fruits like the following.

Having Buddy Fruits:
-As before or after game snacks
-As pre or post activity (dance, sport, theater, etc)
-Before or after a game (with teammates)
-With their teams.
-In your backpack and how you prepare it when you take them out for sports/outdoor activities?

• Children should be between the ages of 3 to 12
• Avoid black and white photos.
• Use only Buddy Fruits Originals and Veggie pouches, and Fruits Tubes (No Fruit Break)
• For more information on where to find Buddy Fruits Originals, Veggies and Fruit Tubes near you go to

Have fun and be creative!

Example photos

Buddy Fruits and after school activities example photo