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Coride Sweden is creating a ride sharing app which will help commuters match their rides and handle the cost compensation between each other. Coride wants to promote being environmentally friendly AND cost efficient! “Save Money and the Environment". Coride needs lifestyle photos showing normal happy people riding in cars together. 🍃🚙

We WANT to see:
🚙 Photos should include 2-4 people since Coride is a ridesharing service
🚙 People talking and socialising in or around cars
🚙 People getting into or out of a car (can be in a home or work setting)
🚙 The photos should have a natural outdoor settings, like home neighborhood, nice buildings/work environment, greenery etc
🚙 Regular, social and friendly people in regular cars!

⚠️ IMPORTANT! Photos showing recognizable faces require Model Releases. Please see https://www.foap.com/me/model-releases to upload the Model Release. More information here: https://community.foap.com/whats-a-model-release/