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Dr.Martens doesn't need introductions - they might just be the most iconic shoes ever!
We're pretty sure you already have a pair of DM shoes in your closet. Now all you need to do is to show us how you wear them!

You can include clips of:
▪️ Opening a package of Dr.Martens shoes and showing them to the camera
▪️ Showing how you wear your Dr.Martens shoes outside - in the street, in the park, during a festival or anywhere else
▪️ Close up videos of the shoes while you're wearing them
▪️ How I style my Dr.Martens - a couple of outfits with your Dr.Martens shoes

🔶The video has to be VERTICAL (keep your phone straight up)
🔶The video can be made of multiple clips put together
🔶You don't need to put any music over the video

Check out the Dr.Martens website:

We will reward the video or video set CHOSEN to be used by the brand.
If it is not accepted by the brand, it will not be rewarded.
If NO videos are accepted – there will be no rewards.

⚠️ Due to our ongoing efforts in optimizing the video platform user experience on Foap, videos that you upload will NOT be visible to you. DO NOT WORRY! OUR TEAM CAN SEE THEM AND WILL PRESENT THEM TO THE BRAND! We apologize for any inconveniences this might cause for you. We are currently developing the video platform for much better experience. Hang tight – we will get there!

Mission rules

- Keep the video VERTICAL

- Don't put music over the video

- Don't put text over the video