Premium Mission

Premium Mission

Color: Red

by Foap Missions

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About this mission

Autumn is coming and along with it come all the mesmeraizing fall colors. In this mission, we focus on red🔴. Take a look around, search for this vibrant color and share your photos. We wanna see anything and everything - from buldings and bridges to flowers, fruits or lipstick. 🔴🍎🌶

📣 Rules are simple:

  • You can unlock up to 15 photo uploads in this Mission.

  • The winning photos will be chosen from the ones with most votes (not the highest rated), so remember to vote on others' photos to get the most votes on your own!

📌 Prizes:
🥇1st place photo will get $150 and 250 Foap coins.
🥈2nd place photo will get $100 and 150 Foap coins.
🥉3rd place photo will get $50 and 70 Foap coins.

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📣 All entries will make you eligible for the Foap Plus Creator Program 📣

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⭐ Example photos daydreamworld, foapper33607, vitalyromanovich, maxshelby