Premium Mission

Premium Mission

Laugh and smile!

by Foap Missions

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About this mission

A smile can make someone's day in an instant and smiling can be beneficial to your health and well-being if you practice it daily in your life! 😊 It can be even more beneficial if you share it with the world, so in this Mission we would like to see you share the photos showing smiles or laughter. Be original or make sure to provide photos showing only real emotions!

📣RULES are simple:
- You can add up to 3 photos.
- If you add more than 3 photos, you lose your chance to win.
- In case you've added the wrong photo, you can delete it and upload a different one.

📌Premium Mission BONUS rules:
- The 1st place photo will get $450, 2nd place photo will get $200, 3rd place will get $100 and 4th place will get $50. Other 40 photos will get $10 each.

⚠️IMPORTANT: Photos showing recognizable faces require Model Releases. You can upload a model release after you add a photo in the app using link. For more information on Model Releases go here:

Example photos

Laugh and smile! example photoLaugh and smile! example photoLaugh and smile! example photoLaugh and smile! example photo