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About this mission

- We want to see how the new Hansaplast Plaster Boxes can be integrated into your everyday life: No matter if they are part of a first aid kit @ home, if they are carried in a bag/purse on the go or if they are used to hide small treasures in them – show us the diversity of the Hansaplast Plaster Boxes in your everyday life!

Always include the box in the picture. This is very important!

- Ideas for picture style:
o Plaster box with plaster strips on the side (Flatlay)
o Application of plaster strip on skin with plaster box on the side (preferred: application on thumb/finger, elbow, knee; application on kids and/or adults and/or interaction between kids and adults)
o Emotional & Playful (FROZEN, STAR WARS™), Edgy & Cool (STAR WARS™)

- Please either shoot FROZEN or STAR WARS™. No combined shots between STAR WARS™ and Frozen. No other brands in the picture.

If your photos show faces, you need a model release. Send your release to modelrelease@foap.com.
Get a model release form and read more about model releases on blog.foap.com