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About this mission

Show us your professional pictures of young and beautiful women wearing or creating a messy hairstyle in a modern, stylish undone look. Hair should be braided, worn as an updo, bun or ponytail. Not just open messy hair with wind going through, but explicit hairstyles. Natural looking women (no polished looks, no colored nails, no artificial hair colours, no visible make-up). No private holiday-pics. Focus on hairstyle, no distracting surrounding, catching the light so that the single parts of the hairstyle can be seen easily. Preferred but not mandatory: Step-by-Step or different angles of a hairstyle. Always try to have hues of blue in your photos.

Photos that show faces will only be accepted after we receive the model release. Send your release to modelrelease@foap.com.
Get a model release form and read more about model releases on blog.foap.com.

Example photos by @ashleytsuki & @malgal78.

Example photos

 Perfectly Messy Hair! example photo Perfectly Messy Hair! example photo