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About this mission

We care for people!

We want to see photos of people working in different sectors, looking natural as they do. Focused on their tasks, smiles, excitement! More specifically we want:

People working in sales, dressed up professionally, having a meeting with a client or reviewing graphs.
People working on a computer where they review videos or images or any other creative process.
People working in some supply chain, reviewing some charts of performance or managing other employees.
People working in finance, where they are reviewing spreadsheets and are surrounded by calculators.
All images should feature ‘employees’, in an office environment completing work
relevant to their position.

Photos that show faces will only be accepted after we receive the model release. Send your release to modelrelease@foap.com.
Get a model release form and read more about model releases on blog.foap.com.

Example photos by: @kenfl74, @lars_poeck & @amy_em.

Example photos

 We care for people example photo We care for people example photo We care for people example photo