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About this mission

Hi Foapers! O-Cedar is back with a set of 3 new Missions!

In this Mission we would like to see photos of people using Playtex Gloves in various arts & crafts activities:
- painting
- staining
- crafting etc.

Please use all the gloves.

- we need a mix of both full body/faces and just arms/hands
- PLEASE SHOW the packaging of colorful disposable gloves - and a photo of taking out one glove from the box
- kids can be in the shots, but cannot wear the gloves (not the right size)
- make sure we have a mix of ages 20-50

- other cleaning brand names
- models that are too posed, overly-smily while cleaning (we prefer more natural)
- ill-fitting gloves (not too loose and not too tight)

Photos showing recognizable faces require Model Releases. Please go to https://www.foap.com/me/model-releases to upload the Model Release.
You can find more information here: https://community.foap.com/whats-a-model-release/