Case Study:

Get on track: showing off the beauty of Poland

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Poland Travel needed pictures illustrating Poland and particular Polish regions/places in very different contexts: Christmas time in Poland, Krakow cityscapes, family time, castles and palaces, sea, Vistula river, UNESCO places etc. It would be costly and time consuming to hire photographers to go to different places during different seasons. Stocks couldn’t provide Poland Travel with exclusive content.


Foap launched numerous Missions with different requirements and reached out to photographers from all around Poland. We gave them free hand regarding composition and subjects.


Foap users satisfied all Poland Travel’s needs by submitting authentic pictures from different regions of Poland. Many of them were travel agency’s clients so they got an opportunity to contribute and show some brand love. The pictures illustrated well the overwhelming and breath-taking natural beauty of Poland as well as some of its most famous cultural and architectural landmarks.

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