A window to another world.

A window to another world.

Photo by beardybruin

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Stock photo: A window to another world. was taken by beardybruin on 06-02-2015 with Canon model Canon EOS REBEL T5 . DPI width: 72.0, height 72.0 . White balance settings: 0.

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Lights wrapped around a balcony.Curtain of trees.Symmetry and reflection.The sun sets upon the water and an old pier.The sun's light breaks through a curtain of forestry.Riding high over a wall as the sun sets in the distance.Three lights surrounded by complete darkness.Orange sky setting over the neighborhood.A shield of light.Light streaks across an intersection.Sitting in a lush bed of grass while the sun is setting.Two Jedi collide together in the pitch darkness.A pair of leaves covering the sun.The Jefferson Memorial on a busy day of travel.The glowing trees reflect down off of the water below.Wooden bridge stretches into the horizon.Blurry Christmas trees.A long line of lights stretches back into the darkness.Flashlight long exposure in front of a city of lights.