New york Inner City | sky, outdoors, light, city

New york Inner City | sky, outdoors, light, city

Photo by ozman

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Stock photo: New york Inner City | sky, outdoors, light, city was taken by ozman on 20-11-2015 with Apple model iPhone 6 . DPI width: 72.0, height 72.0 . White balance settings: 0.

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Clouds 2. The sky is where you look into to find answers to any questions with no limitations. Blissfulness freedom! Golden moment. Golden hour challenge with the help of suns energy on my side.City Sky clouds train sun.. Historic NYC A train costing through Ozone park, Queens on a plethora of clouds sunny day!  Coney art walls. Wall by #charliedovesnyc ; Brooklyn stand up! Happy 4th of july!Golden challenge . Beam of suns energy stretching far and bright!Graff. Cement Cubes.. NYC! Art by legend Doves. Pleasure to be apart of this! Thank you!Peaceful sky. Caught the sky and sun in a peaceful harmony! Gain energy from the weather!  Golden challenge . Spreading the light of love!Thinking about lifeNight snow in the city.. Lower eat side, NYC snow falling so peacefully un interrupted and blissful.Solar power . Clear blue sky and solar power!Sun bright!. Shining!Million dollar sunset.. Incredible sunset meets incredible realties. Thank you!Beautiful sunrise.  sunrises beautifully to restore positive energy!Sunset beach!. Sun setting peacefully as life's harmony music continues to play. 🎶 Up rising. Colors are setting as the sun rises.Red sunrise . Start of shining.Fdr drive view.. From lower east side Fdr drive overlooking the water, Brooklyn side and the beautiful sunrise.Willieb. Williamsburg bridge on a summer night walking through NYC seeing all of life's best perspectives in 1. Capture it!Rising . Focusing on the target sun gets their inevitably.