Tuscany (Italy) and its landscapes!!

Tuscany (Italy) and its landscapes!!

Photo by shasa48

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Stock photo: Tuscany (Italy) and its landscapes!! was taken by shasa48 on 20-07-2014 with Apple model iPhone 5s . DPI width: 72.0, height 72.0 . White balance settings: 0.

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I love the smell of flowers!!The best way to study!Milan from above!So unique!I love these colors!Just like a paint!I love taking pictures of my cats!!Skyscrapers πŸŒ†Venice is just "wow"Sunset and silhouette!Rome 😍My big love 😍Germany ✈️Beautiful dress that I stole from my mom, it is around 30 years old 😍Granada πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈFlowers' power!Parque natural de Calblanque - MurciaGood morning world! Traveler inside 🌷Come (Italy) is always worth a visit!