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About this mission

Cambridge® helps aspiring and determined people create a more rewarding life through organization with planners that are bold, energetic, and uncompromising – just like you. You’re going places with Cambridge, and in style! Be free to express and inspire yourself to live your best life! With Cambridge, you do just that and check off the next goal on your list (bucket list too!). Cambridge was designed with you in mind, and we’re looking for photos that capture your journey.

Show people (22-35) using their Cambridge planner. Don’t have one? You can find Cambridge at stores like Staples, Office Depot and Office Max, Target and Walmart.

• Clearly show Cambridge pattern
• When open, have plans written on pages
• Take photos with people & groups and product only
• Do not show other brand logos
• Avoid any use/references to alcohol, tobacco, profanity, sexual content, drugs, ethnic slurs, personal insults or political statements

Photos showing recognizable faces require Model Releases to be sent to: modelrelease@foap.com.
You can find more information here: http://community.foap.com/whats-a-model-release/

Example photos

#ICarryCambridge example photo#ICarryCambridge example photo#ICarryCambridge example photo#ICarryCambridge example photo#ICarryCambridge example photo