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About this mission

CapriSun is synonymous with the juice pouch and delicious flavors within. Kids love it and parents feel good about serving it. With all natural ingredients and no added sugar, it is a refreshing wholesome fruit juice drink for kids.

How you want to display Capri Sun and interact with it is up to you.
We are hoping to see:
Lifestyle images with kids holding the product (label visible) and/or drinking from it. They can be participating in activities, having lunch, or playing backyard sports with friends, etc.
Table flat lays with the product among healthy foods/snacks, lunchboxes, school supplies, etc. How the kids interact with the product in real life is what we want to see.

We want these photos to make parents feel good about serving their young kids Capri Sun and ease any concerns over unhealthiness of juice drinks.
Capri Sun (Regular)/Capri Sun Roarin’ Water/Capri Sun Sport: Children aged 6-12
Capri Sun (Organic/100% Juice/Fruit Refreshers): Children aged 2-11 (moms are welcome as well!)
If you show a solitary person drinking from the pouch, please make sure it is a child
Capri Sun pouches should always be visible in your photos

Have fun!