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About this mission

What better way to get the party going than having Desperados beer.
Actually, having one before the party even starts will for sure get you the right mood.

We want to see people having fun in a party setting while enjoying their Desperados beer. Dancing, socializing, just having fun! It can be a home party, bar, club or even an open-air party.

Things to keep in mind:
VERY IMPORTANT The content of this Mission will appear in the South Korean Market so we need people from that area in the videos. The product is only available at the Korean Market. Please use only cans of Desperados Original 0,5L

The product needs to be shown in the first 3 seconds of the video
All people need to be and look over 25 years old.
The product needs to be shown in every video in some way.
All your videos need to look authentic, fun, energetic, sociable, up-close, spontaneous.
Do not serve in a glass. Drinking from the can is also acceptable.
Do not show dangerous or not responsible situations.
Don’t cover the label completely
Don’t distort the shape or color of the product
Keep the can in ice and remove just before you take the photo for that fresh look!
No animals in the videos :)

Finally, keep in mind that we want to focus on people while at the same time showing the Desperados in each shot.

Mission rules

- Vertical or horizontal videos

- Duration should be around 10-15 seconds

- No watermarks on the videos

- Only high res videos

Example videos