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Welcome to the Driftwell universe where every image we produce inspires relaxation.In this campaign, we are looking to place the Driftwell can in artful settings that embrace the Driftwell’s color palette; deep blue should dominate, yellow as a highlight color used very minimally.

No prop is wrong, but the ones that communicate relaxation - or better yet create a sense of relaxation to a viewer - are best.

🔹Do have the can face forward so the logo is clearly legible.
🔹Do create a restful composition: Less is more, Use negative space.
🔹Do keep the rule of thirds in mind.
🔹Do keep the photo high res.
🔹Do keep a tighter crop on photos.
🔹Do keep camera angle should be straight on or slightly from underneath the can.
🔹Do feature the can in situations where Driftwell would likely be consumed

✖️Do not use fresh fruit as props
✖️Do not have a harsh glare on the can, especially around the logo.
✖️Do not include colors that do not fit in the Driftwell color palette
✖️Do not depict scenes or accessories of sleep like beds, sleep masks, etc.
✖️Do not have hands/body parts in the picture

Important Notes:
⭐️ In product focus photography, it is important to show the environment in which you would incorporate Driftwell into your wind down routine.
⭐️ It is important that the environment does not look too structured and hints of living moments can be found in the photography.
⭐️ When placing the Driftwell can, make sure that the front of the label faces the camera and the full logo of the can is visible. In instances with multiple cans, only one can must be faced forward.

Example photos

Driftwell Blue example photoDriftwell Blue example photoDriftwell Blue example photoDriftwell Blue example photo