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About this mission

Create a ~30-40-second TikTok-style video to help other moms learn your best tips for starting a baby on solid foods.. The video should include at least three tips on how to transition your baby to solid foods. Speak to the camera about your and your baby's experience with introducing solid foods, name three tips that helped you and show clips of you feeding the baby.

🇺🇸This mission is open to US creators!

Script Example:
🌸 Introduction: Acknowledge that transitioning your baby to solid foods can be scary and tricky, but there are some things to help make this transition!
🌸 3 Tips: Talk to the camera about the three things that make the transition to solid foods easier and better for the baby
🌸 Closing and Call to Action: Mention that what’s made it easier for you; if it it’s applicable and applied to you, you can mention if you still use Enfamil baby formula and how that helps you ensure your baby still gets complete nutrition..

💙You can use Enfamil's articles to help you with ideas such as:

▪️ Use good, natural light
▪️ Keep the background clean and tidy - nothing time sensitive in the background like holiday decor
▪️ Show yourself feeding the baby age appropriate foods
▪️ The baby in the video should at least 6 months
▪️ Speak straight to the camera, selfie style
▪️ Stay positive, and maintain a lively and engaging tone throughout the video
▪️ Shoot in 4K video quality
▪️ Shot the video VERTICAL (9:16)

▪️ Do not mention any other formula brands besides Enfamil, it it’s mentioned
▪️ Avoid strong distracting colors or filters in the videos

⚠️DISCLAIMER! All videos uploaded by users in this mission and purchased by the brand need to have exclusive rights, and can not be resold anywhere else by the user. Do NOT upload videos that were previously sold to any other entity than the Enfamil brand.

Mission rules

- The video must be vertical (9x16)

- The video must be 4K quality

- The video must include a parent speaking to the camera and feeding their child

- The child must be over 6 months old