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About this mission

Create a ~40-second TikTok-style video for Enfamil following the “Get Ready with Me” trend, as a working mom with a small baby.

🇺🇸This mission is open to US creators!

Script Example:
🌸 Introduction: Mention that you've recently gone back to work and you’re getting ready in the morning
🌸 Routine: Show your routine - you can introduce steps such as waking up, showering, getting the baby ready, makeup etc. As you’re showing your routine steps, share what has been challenging and what helps you maintain the routine.
🌸 Closing and Call to Action: Mention that what’s made it easier for you to go back to work is knowing that your baby is nurtured and fed with Enfamil. During the transition process that can be so difficult, anything like that is a huge help.

▪️ Use good, natural light
▪️ Keep the background clean and tidy
▪️ Speak straight to the camera while doing the activities, and make the routine natural to you
▪️ Stay positive, and maintain a lively and engaging tone throughout the video
▪️ Shoot in 4K video quality
▪️ Shot the video VERTICAL (9:16)

▪️ Do not mention items related to breastfeeding, or other formula brands
▪️ Avoid strong distracting colors or filters in the videos

⚠️DISCLAIMER! All videos uploaded by users in this mission and purchased by the brand need to have exclusive rights, and can not be resold anywhere else by the user. Do NOT upload videos that were previously sold to any other entity than the Enfamil brand.

Mission rules

- Show your routine of getting ready for work with a baby

- Do the video selfie style and with a tripod, with speaking to the camera and voiceover

- Do not put music or text over the video

- Shoot the video in 4K

- Make sure the person that's in the video is a native US English speker

- Make the video VERTICAL (9:16)

Example videos