Video Mission

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About this mission

Create a ~30-40-second TikTok-style video to help other moms get ready for major milestones! The video should include at least three tips. Tell us about your and your baby's experience, name three tips that helped you prepare yourself and show clips of your baby (E.g. sitting, crawling, standing, walking, etc.) We're looking for authentic and natural content.

✅DOs ▪️ Use good, natural light ▪️ Keep the background clean and tidy ▪️ The video should be well-lit, sharp, and clear ▪️ Be energetic and engaging in your video ▪️Shoot in 4K video quality ▪️Use voiceover, rathen than talking to the camera

⛔️DON'Ts ▪️ Do not show any big logos or wear clothes with visible branding ▪️ Avoid strong distracting colors or filters in the videos ▪️ DO NOT mention Enfamil.

⚠️DISCLAIMER! All videos uploaded by users in this mission and purchased by the brand need to have exclusive rights, and can not be resold anywhere else by the user. Do NOT upload videos that were previously sold to any other entity than the Enfamil brand. The video must be uploaded to the Foap App. The client is entitled to one feedback round.