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About this mission

Create a ~30-40-second TikTok-style video making a bottle of any Enfamil formula according to package label instructions

🇺🇸This mission is open to US creators!

Script Example:
💙 Introduce yourself (first name only) and your child (first name only) and your child’s age. Mention why you chose Enfamil formula
💙Do a step by step of preparing the bottle process
Make a bottle of appropriate Enfamil formula for your child.
Make the amount your child normally drinks in a home setting, such as part of the routine.
VERY IMPORTANT: Please be sure to read and follow label instructions. Wash your hands. Be sure to use a level scoop of powder (level off with a butter knife). Replace scoop into can (not on counter). Add water before powder.
💙Closing and Call to Action Summarize the importance of baby nutrition and how you feel it’s supported with Enfamil formula
▪️ Encourage viewers to visit the Enfamil website or social media for more information.

💙Get inspired by checking out useful articles from Enfagrow

✅ DOs
▪️ Use good, natural light
▪️ Keep the background clean and tidy - nothing time sensitive in the background like holiday decor
▪️ The video should be well-lit, sharp, and clear
▪️ Be energetic and engaging in your video
▪️ Maintain a lively and engaging tone throughout the video
▪️ Show real people/families in real settings (no fields of flowers or locations most people would not be in everyday life)
▪️ Shoot in 4K video quality

⛔️ DON'Ts
▪️ Do not shoot “artsy” content (odd angles, weird, unnatural settings etc.)
▪️ Do not show branded items (other than Enfamil product)
▪️ Avoid strong distracting colors or filters in the videos

⚠️ DISCLAIMER! All videos uploaded by users in this mission and purchased by the brand need to have exclusive rights, and can not be resold anywhere else by the user. Do NOT upload videos that were previously sold to any other entity than the Enfamil brand.

Mission rules

- Shoot the video vertical (9x16) in 4K quality

- Show yourself speaking to the camera, preparing the bottle accroding to instructions

- Show yourself feeding your baby with the bottle

- Keep the background clean and tidy

- Keep the video natural and authentic