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About this mission

Foapers! Did you enjoy our first Foap Academy Video Tutorial Mission?😊 We surely hope you did, because it's time for our second one which will cover the subject of composition in photography.
According to a dictionary, the term "composition" is described as a way of individual subjects combining for the final whole and in case of photography the final whole is simply the image you get in your camera's frame, so getting it right is essential for unlocking the full potential of the photo.
Are you ready to help Foapers unleash their photos' potential by teaching and sharing your tips about photo composition? If yes, then join the mission now!
Our only requirements stay the same: tutorial must be in English, it should not contain any watermarks and it can't be longer than 7 minutes.

📌 Rewards info:
- The 1st place video will get $200 and 3000 Foap coins, 2nd place video will get $100 and 2000 Foap coins, 3rd place will get 1000 Foap coins.
- Winners will be informed via an email. Winning video(s) will be posted on Foap's YouTube channel

1. Your participation in the Mission will be valid only if you subscribe to Foap's YouTube channel
2. Photos showing recognizable faces require Model Releases. You can send a model release to

🎓Foap Academy🎓

The Foap Academy was created to connect our best photographers and filmmakers with Foapers keen to learn and improve their photography skills. Foap's Youtube channel will be an online learning resource, where Foapers can gain skills. Winners of Foap Academy will earn money, receive photography gadgets and receive high paying remote work opportunities. As for topics of Foap Academy Missions, we will start with a beginner’s guide, covering subjects like light, composition, color balance etc. and then we'll move to most popular photography techniques' tutorials.

✅ What you should know:

o We will be posting Academy Missions on various topics related to photography and/or filmmaking.

o Academy Missions will be announced in the Missions section of the app.

o The winners of Foap Academy Missions will win cash, Foap Coins and rise in Community Status presented below:

➡ Expert – 1 Academy Mission won

➡ Master – 3 Academy Missions won

➡ Professor – 5 Academy Missions won; select Professors will also receive job opportunities from Foap.

o High ranking Community members will be invited to our future Product Missions, which will include testing professional equipment and free samples from our Partners.

✅ Where to Start?

If you’re a photographer and/or filmmaker:

o Subscribe to our Foap Youtube Channel

o Submit your videos to the Academy Missions through the app's Missions section or through our website (instruction here

If you’re keen to learn and improve your filmmaking and/or photography skills

o Sign up to our YouTube channel and benefit from our weekly tutorials (usually available a week after Mission ends)

Mission rules

- Duration: max. 7 minutes

- Vertical or horizontal

- No watermarks on the video

- Only high res videos

- English language