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About this mission

🚀Welcome to our brand new series of missions!🚀

⭐️This mission was made to collect the best photos on Foap and showcase our top photographers every week!
If you believe that your photos are awesome, join this mission and upload your works⭐️

🏆 $100 reward for the best photo

▫️ You may upload photos of any subject (people, animals, plants, landscape, architecture, fashion, and all others).
▫️ Only photos chosen by the Foap Team will be visible in this mission.
▫️ We will choose the best photo every Monday.
▫️ The best photo will be featured on the top of the app by the whole week and the author will get $100.

▪️ All entries will make you eligible for the Foap Plus Creator Program
▪️ What do you think about this mission? Tell us here: https://foap.typeform.com/to/rfPMa8uT?utm_source=photooftheweek1

⭐ Cover photo mrgiza
⭐ Example photos takemewu, nodar

Example photos

Editors' Choice: Photo of the Week example photoEditors' Choice: Photo of the Week example photo