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How do you take care of yourself and your skin? Being more mindful of our bodies and spending calming moments on pampering yourself, that's what selfcare can be about. Show us that skincare can be a form of self love. 💗
Whether you only have a couple minutes for a quick shower and a body balm, or take the time for a soothing bath and full skincare routine, we want to see it all.

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▫️ Photos should portray a person using a skincare/bodycare product
▫️ Photos should have a natural and calm aesthetic
▫️ Make sure there is good lighting and a clean background

🥇1st place photo will get $100 and 200 Foap coins.
💸Other 4 photos will get $25 and 100 Foap Coins each

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▪️ All entries will make you eligible for the Foap Plus Creator Program
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⭐ Cover photo takemewu
⭐ Example photos ananasska, pocketfulloftoys, ncpinecoastal

Example photos

Take Care (Photo) example photoTake Care (Photo) example photoTake Care (Photo) example photo