Video Mission

Catch it on video!

by Foap Missions

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About this mission

Any favorite product? Show us! How do you like to use it, apply it, you name it. It can be your favorite accessory for exercise or your go to cooking tool. The aim of this mission is to be able to capture on video the most flattering and interesting angles to convince us why it’s the best!

Rules and tips:
➡️ Focus on one specific product of choice
➡️ Videos should be between 10-60 seconds
➡️ Use different angles, show ways to use the product
➡️ You can have close ups, shots of how to turn it on, opening the product, applying it - a full overview!

🥇1st place video will get $50 and 200Foap coins.
🥈2nd place video will get $30 and 150 Foap coins.
🥉3rd place video will get $20 and 100 Foap coins.
💵Other 10 videos will get $15 each

⭐ Cover photo tatianamara
⭐ Example video josemcasti

Example videos