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About this mission

Are you ready to dive into video production and collaborate with top brands while earning money from your creative content?

Look no further! We're actively seeking creators like you.

All you need to do is upload a video following this simple brief:

  • Video should be TikTok or Instagram Reels style.

  • The video should be vertical.

  • 30 seconds or less in duration.

  • Promote a product/service (e.g., show us how to use a face cream, use mobile app to order a food/taxi, etc.) or discussing any topic.

If you have previous experience working with brands, you can just share those videos. We are not going to use it, it’s just for our team to assess your skills.

But you don’t need to be a professional! We value your creativity and willingness to grow as a content creator.

Please do not upload other types of content, such as vacation footage, soundless clips, or landscape-oriented videos, as brands typically prefer not to consider them.

While there's no monetary reward for this mission, if we see the potential for brand collaborations and earnings, we'll add you to our list of video creators shared with brands. They can pay big bucks for good videos!

Don't hesitate, get those videos uploaded. We'll drop you an email as soon as we pick you!

Mission rules

- In the style of TikTok or Instagram Reels

- In portrait mode

- 30 seconds or less in duration

- Promoting a product (e.g., demonstrating how to use a face cream or a service) or discussing any topic (in English or with English subtitles)

Example videos