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About this mission

FreeNow offers a wide range of vehicles which cater to your specific needs. Looking to be greener, or something to quickly get you from point A to B, FreeNow's app has all of that in one place. The point of this video mission is to really underline the ease of the app, all of it's green options and how many different rides they offer!

Technical Requirements:
🚕 MINIMUM 1080x1920 resolution
🚕 9:16 Vertical
🚕 Video length: 15-30s

🌟 No worries about editing, music, we’ve got that part covered

💥 Clothing:
- Clean and respectful:
- Jeans and a nice top should be good
💥 Show all the options FreeNow offers ie Top/Best Ways to get around the City
As examples:
- If you know it’s just a short distance - use the escooter
- If you’re going far - carpool
- If you don’t want to have issues with parking grab a taxi
💥 Clips can show:
- You selecting a trip on your phone
- Riding one of the vehicles: e-scooter, taxi, e-bike etc
- Why it's a great option to reduce your carbon footprint

❌ Avoid branded clothing or items in your videos (to avoid showing competitors)
❌ No crop tops

We will reward the video or video set CHOSEN to be used by the brand. If it is not accepted by the brand, it will not be rewarded. If NO videos are accepted – there will be no rewards.

⚠️ Due to our ongoing efforts in optimizing the video platform user experience on Foap, videos that you upload will NOT be visible to you. DO NOT WORRY! OUR TEAM CAN SEE THEM AND WILL PRESENT THEM TO THE BRAND! We apologize for any inconveniences this might cause for you. We are currently developing the video platform for much better experience. Hang tight – we will get there!