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About this mission

The Genesee Brewing Company, based in Rochester, New York, is one of the largest and oldest continually operating breweries in the United States. The Brewery makes 3 lines of products, including the following beers: Genesee Heritage, Genesee’s value line of beers includes Genesee beer, Light, Cream Ale, Black, N.A, the Original Honey Brown Lager, and Ice. For this mission we’d like to focus on the Cream Ale line, help us capture this product with the following guidelines:

The videos should:
🍺 Video length: 10-20s
🍺Be filmed in vertical/horizontal format
- Ie if you have a clip idea, film it in both formats.
- 9:16 and 16:9
🍺 Show models that look between 25-40 years old
- Can have beards
- Hipsterish aesthetic
- Beer drinkers
- Be young and vibrant, but still maintain the Genesee look and feel.
🍺 Potential videos we’d like to see:
- Someone taking a sip of the beer
- Opening up one of the products
- Condensation on the can, drops flowing down
- Similar shots to photos but videos, so we can see movement happening - ie there is a small hangout scene with close up on the beer and people hanging out in the background, enjoying themselves.
🍺 Make the bottle/can look ‘fresh’
- Ie water spray for droplet effect
🍺 Videos need to make sense, so real life situations
🍺 Have at least 2 Genesee products in the shot (can be all Cream Ale)
🍺 Make sure caps are taken off the bottle, and cans are opened in shots where people are enjoying or ‘drinking’ the beer.
🍺 Be set in urban and rural settings, nothing too clean/perfect.
🍺 Include people smiling/having a good time.
🍺 Include natural wood tones/brick
🍺 Not bright, harsh color tones

Creator must be at least 21 years of age to submit a photo
✖️ No empty bottles or crushed cans.
✖️ No dairy references (Cream ale is not made from milk).
✖️ Do not include lewd or indecent language/scenes.
✖️ Do not portray or encourage irresponsible or illegal alcohol consumption. including:
✖️ Chugging or drinking games.
✖️ Drinking before or while performing an activity that requires alertness.
✖️ Have children, or people that look younger than 21 in the photos.
✖️ No driving cars or other automated equipment in association with the product.
✖️ No heavy drinking/rowdy atmosphere.
✖️ No politics.

⚠️ Any videos that include a recognizable face require a model release. Please find more info here: