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by grid mobile

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About this mission

Grid mobile offers you mobile plans to live larger. Get more. And quit being tied down by contracts...ZZZ. But that's blah and the new normal. So how about this. Show us what you'd do to win a free mobile plan 4EVA! Btw, it's a plan that pays you too.

- Aesthetically raw, authentic and seemingly shot by the average Joe or Jane
- The videos should allude to the message of freedom and what living on your own terms means to the individual
- Together, the videos should be a balance of eye-catching stunts and demonstrations of what freedom means to the individual (not just a jackass compilation)
- Most importantly, they should be fun and in good-spirit

What they should be like:
- Raw and authentic, not over-produced

What they shouldn't include:
- Profanities and religious, sexual and/or political content
- Life threatening stunts and dares to get other participants to be more extreme
- Branding (e.g., Calling out grid mobile in multiple times in a way that makes the video seem unnatural and staged)
- Anyone under 18 years of age

Mission rules

- Length: As long or short as it takes to tell your story, but it shouldn't be more than 90 seconds long.

- Tone: Fun, active, expressive, irreverent.

- Age: 19 to 30 years of age.

- Talent: Asian (Chinese, Malay, Indian, Pan-Asian) similar to Singapore's demographic.

- Location: Singapore or an Asian city, unless the story behind the video is related to travel- or location-specific (e.g., running the London Marathon in a Big Ben costume).

- Dialogue, music, titles, editing, etc.: You decide! Whatever it takes to communicate the story. Just ensure dialogue (if any) is audible.