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About this mission

Hello Heineken fans! We're back with another Mission!

We want to capture occasions with our own Heineken twist. We would like to see photos of real people coming together while enjoying Heineken® but in a unique fashion, a perspective that’s explicit in it’s story-telling but don’t feature the ‘standard beer photography’ set up of an average group of people enjoying beers.
These moments must feel authentic and relatable.

Preferred models:
A diversity of people: worldly, cool characters, but not too cool! They’re open, accessible, inviting you in the picture and enjoying the moment.
CRUCIAL - Always well over LDA; 25+.

If no models in the shot - suggest the occasion by props or surroundings.

IMPORTANT - The photos will be a part of a campaign, where the Heineken® bottle and a line of text will be added to them by the brand. Check CAREFULLY the example photos for style guidelines and the safe zones.

Occasions / locations (daylight and nighttime):
- Summer / beach
- Thanksgiving
- Gym
- Social occasion / bar
- Christmas
- Halloween
- Valentines
- Football

You can use the regular Heineken® or the Heineken® 0.0 bottle or can.

•Make the bottle look “fresh” (use a water spray)
•Pictures need to make sense, real-life situations
•Have at least 2 bottles / cans in the shot
•Since people are drinking/enjoying in the shot, make sure the caps are taken off the bottle
•No need to point the logo straight towards the camera, we are looking for natural, real-life shots
•No empty bottles in the shot
•Heineken is an urban brand so please avoid heavy landscape sceneries or nature shots
•No animals
•NO CARS or driving related activities
•DO NOT put the beer in a glass, we want to see it in the bottle

Photos showing recognizable faces require Model Releases. Please go to to upload the Model Release.
You can find more information here:

Example photos

Always On example photoAlways On example photoAlways On example photoAlways On example photoAlways On example photoAlways On example photoAlways On example photoAlways On example photo