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About this mission

This mission is to jumpstart our holiday season with eyecatching assets that evoke comfort, caring and the joy of giving that the holidays bring. Isotoner is working within a specfic color palette for our holiday assets this year. Images are expected to adhere to this palette with little diversion. Colors included blush pink, white, gold, silver, rose gold, mauve and hints of wood and greenery. These images should be rich in textures like neutral faux fur, glitter, sparkle, wood grain, pine, etc. Should have the essence of a modern holiday celebration. Mix of flatlays and on-figure shots.

Bright and airy spaces like kitchens, living rooms, or outdoors for on-figure, cold weather shots. Props are encouraged but with minimal clutter. Pretty wrapped gifts in the color palette. Images should have negative space to leave room for copy and can be easily cropped into a square format.

Natural lighting with a hint of brightness. More white than yellow in editing. No golden hour lighting. Same for editing

Model Involvement
Candid images, as if the camera isn't even there. No direct eye contact with the camera. Full body and waist down with a focus on the product the talent is wearing.

Fall/Winter season appropriate. (e.g. long pants, long sleeves, light sweaters) Neutral colors or within the color palette. No loud colors or patterns. No brands, logos, slogans or words / statements on clothing. No holiday flannel. Chunky knit sweaters, velvets, silk, wool, etc.

Photos showing recognizable faces require Model Releases. Please go to https://www.foap.com/me/model-releases to upload the Model Release.
You can find more information here: https://community.foap.com/whats-a-model-release/