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by Karlovacko

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About this mission

Karlovačko knows that what matters the most in life are personal bonds, which give us that sweet feeling of belonging.
Karlovačko connects people since 1854. Its own city of origin, where the beer has been brewed with care since its beginning, is the geographical representation of connections: in Karlovac 4 rivers meet, making Karlovac the city of intersection of culture, customs and great-tasting locally brewed beer.
Karlovačko is made with 100% natural ingredients.

In our Mission with Karlovačko, we want to see how you enjoy your Karlovačko in everyday life situations! The product should be in action! Real settings in which people enjoy the beer. It can be in your living room, the kitchen counter while you are cooking, in your garden, terrace, or wherever you love having your Karlovačko beer. These moments must feel authentic and relatable.
This is a quest for Karlovačko insta-worthy beauty shots. Shots that make you thirsty. Shots that make you want to grab a Karlovačko instantly. And shots that you yourself would want to share with your own friends.
Day or night, with or without food, with or without friends, inside or outside… Tell us your true story!

• Make the bottle look “fresh” (use a water spray)
• Playing with light through the bottle is a nice touch.
• Pictures need to make sense. Real life situations.
• If people are drinking/enjoying in the shot, make sure the caps are taken off the bottle
• Even if people are drinking, make sure to always use full bottles in the photo
• No need to point the logo straight towards the camera.
• Always show 2-3 bottles/cans. More bottles in photos, will not be approved
• When including people please make sure they are vague in the background or you only see a part (human evidence)
• Shots may or may not show people – it can also be just a pack beauty shot
• No empty bottles in shot
• DO NOT put the beer in a glass
• Nice to have: Shots that show new moments of enjoying beer in social distancing