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About this mission

Kool-Aid is all about fun, with bold flavors that kids love and ask for. Of course, who could forget Kool Aid Man’s “Oh Yeah!!” It’s as simple as that. Show us how this brand comes alive for you!

How you want to display Kool Aid and interact with it is up to you.
We are hoping to see:
Lifestyle images with kids holding the product (label visible) and/or drinking from it. They can be participating in activities, having lunch in the backyard, or being plain silly with their friends.
Table flatlays with the product among food, lunchboxes, school supplies, etc. How kids naturally interact with the product in real life is what we want to see.

We want these photos to bring a smile to people’s faces through bright and playful elements!
Any children aged 6-12
If you show a solitary person drinking from the pouch, please make sure it is a child.
Kool-Aid Jammer Pouches should always be visible in your photos.

Have fun!