Video Mission

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About this mission

This video mission aims to capture people in their work environments, but in video format. 6 second eye catching clips. The requirement for this mission is that a German landmark needs to be visible in the background or serve as the general environment of the video - with people as the main focus.

So, we want to see:
🇩🇪Cinemagraph style clips of people:
🇩🇪Short Movements eg:. Blink, close a book/laptop, smile
🇩🇪Eye catching clips, with approachable and friendly people
🇩🇪Length: 6-10 seconds

Style of videos:

We WANT to see:
📍A German landmark as a reference point, but with people as the main focus. Eg:
🇩🇪 Frankfurt: Römer, Opera house, Skyline
🇩🇪Berlin: TV Tower, Brandenburger Tor, Main Station
🇩🇪Hamburg: Alster, Habour, Elbphilharmonie
📍Diversity of professions and people
📍Approachable and friendly people
📍High quality videos

Possible Scenarios:
📍Working with the landmark in the background
📍Visible through office window
📍On the way to work
📍On a call near the landmark

✖️Including other obvious brands
✖️Making the videos too sexy
✖️A cluttered environment

🏅5 x $100

⭐️Credits: buzbe20