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About this mission

Every pet has a story. And each one is filled with humor and love. We’ll celebrate these authentic stories through a wide variety of images of real cats and dogs — all connected by a single theme — a true pet champion that wants nothing more than the best for their pet every day. This series is meant to capture pets in their natural habitat - whether that’s walking down the street, enjoying a nap on the couch, playing in the backyard, visiting the office, coming home after being adopted, or visiting the latest cat café. Share the personal story of your furry friend.

We are looking for photos of cats and dogs where the camera is on their eye level (you will have to get near the floor for these shots!). Your main focus should be on the animals. Having a person in the photo is fine as long as it is not the main subject of the photo, yet the human element visible in the picture is great.
The photos should look natural. No posing, they should be spontaneous snaps!
Do not show any brand names, pet food/treats or human food in your photos. Pictures of cats should be taken indoors.
We want to focus mainly on Urban settings.
We would prefer to see mixed breeds instead of purebreds.

VERY IMPORTANT: It's all about the story that the photo "speaks". See our example photos for inspiration.

Example photos

Real Cats and Dogs in Real Life example photoReal Cats and Dogs in Real Life example photoReal Cats and Dogs in Real Life example photo