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About this mission

About this mission
NIVEA is introducing a game-changing line of body lotions that quickly absorb and provide 48 hours of deep nourishing moisture without the sticky feel. NEW NIVEA Breathable Body Lotions are uniquely designed with a first-to-market breathable skin technology that allow skin to breath without the heavy barrier and sticky feel so users can comfortably get on with their day.

Imagine this: You’re coming out of the shower, lather your legs in your go-to lotion and try putting on fitted jeans and they don’t seem to want to cooperate. You feel hot and bothered, you’re doing the pants dance and end up laying on your bed waiting for the lotion to absorb because you give up.

The challenge? Put your NIVEA Breathable Lotion on, wait about 15-20 seconds and slide those jeans right on. We’d love for you to document this challenge through both video and stills! Think beyond just applying the lotion, but really showing us how it works. Feel free to get creative and really test the products breathability.

This new line has 3 products:
NIVEA Breathable Nourishing Body Lotion Tropical Breeze
NIVEA Breathable Nourishing Body Lotion Fresh Fusion
NIVEA MEN Breathable Body Lotion

Do’s and Don’ts
DO show product in-use, such as absorbing into skin
DO shoot product in interesting and beautiful-looking bathrooms
DO ensure product is presentable, nothing overused, dripping, damaged
DO ensure branding is visible and legible in creative
DO ensure there is no glare on products when shooting content
DON’T include other skincare products
DON’T include other obvious branding (e.g.common bathroom or lifestyle brands that may be in the background of these photos)

Example photos

NIVEA Breathable Body Lotion  example photo