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In this mission we would like to capture images of home life. We would like to see how people enjoy their home and can feel relaxed in a clean home doing the things they love with the people they love.
We also want to illustrate some homes that depict the “After the cleaning” shots, that show people enjoying their home. This mission should resemble a lifestyle photography home image and should not feel staged but more of a natural home living tone. Theme of before/after


  • Playing board games on the floor

  • Eating/picnicking on the living room floor

  • Yoga poses on a mat on the floor

  • Working out on the floor/facing TV

  • Kids Building a pillow/blanket fort

  • Family Arts and craft activities- at living room table

  • Couple dancing in the living room

  • Couple on couch with loungewear/barefeet

  • Family on a sectional with popcorn for movie night

  • Having a coffee in the kitchen

  • Coffee drink with a book on the floor

  • Video games with kids


  • no need to show the product - we would like to see people (product can be in the background, but not the hero)

  • make sure we have a mix of ages 20-40 and as much diversity as possible

  • floors should be hardwood, tile, laminate or vinyl—NO carpet or rugs in the shots

  • people should be wearing neutral clothing, relaxed and non-seasonal style


  • other cleaning brand names

  • models that are too posed, overly-smily while cleaning (we prefer more natural)

  • no logos or brand names on clothing

⭐️Sample photos:
pocketfulloftoys, melissabrock1, phoenixproduction

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Example photos

Make Home Feel Great example photoMake Home Feel Great example photoMake Home Feel Great example photo