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About this mission

Pantene is launching a new amazing product in Italy called 3 Minute Miracle. We want to elevate the product to a premium beauty context, bringing into life the name (3 Minute Miracle) and the product benefit (“3 times stronger hair in 3 minutes”). Playful pictures in white background with a nice balance of black and gold colors. Surround the product with relevant & beauty elements but remember to keep the product as the main focus of the photo. Also, we would love to see some creativity with the number 3!
Only use a white background. 50% of the photo should be white in color.
No black background.
No other brands in the photo.
No people in the photo.
The product must appear to look very premium.
Only the Italian package will be accepted. Any other packaging will not be accepted.
The correct bottle is the 3 Minute Miracle conditioner full size (150 ml)