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About this mission

Is there a better feeling that wearing a robe in the house to relax after a nice shower and just sit by the fireplace? We want to see people wearing bathrobes from Plush necessities (www.plushnecessities.com).

We want to see people wearing the robes in the house in most rooms like the bathroom or the living room or any natural settings where a person is relaxing and could be wearing a robe like a spa, a hotel room, a resort or by the pool :) Anyplace where comfort and relaxation play a major role!

People in the photos can be looking at the camera or they can be looking somewhere else as long as they are not posing.
Nothing too distracting in the background.
Couples are also welcome.
Use of soothing colors (nothing too vibrant and extreme)
Photos should "speak" of comfort and relaxation.

Photos showing recognizable faces require Model Releases to be sent to: modelrelease@foap.com.
You can find more information here: http://community.foap.com/whats-a-model-release/