Video Mission

Family Moments

by Redoxon Global

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About this mission

Show us how you have fun with your kids. Take a look at the example video and show us you having fun and laughing with your kids, we care about the positive emotion that you show!

Please watch the example video!

The best creators will be chosen for future paid collaborations.

  • 16x9 video (horizontal)

  • 1920x1080px size minimum!

  • Take the videos in good light - daylight is the best

  • Show people's happy and smiling faces.

  • Keep it real and authentic

❌ DON'Ts

  • Don't put too many filters on videos

  • Don't have a mess in the background

  • Avoid branded clothing or items in your videos

⚠️We will reward the video or video set CHOSEN to be used by the brand. If it is not accepted by the brand, it will not be rewarded. If NO videos are accepted – there will be no rewards.
⚠️ Due to our ongoing efforts in optimizing the video platform user experience on Foap, videos that you upload will NOT be visible to you. DO NOT WORRY! OUR TEAM CAN SEE THEM AND WILL PRESENT THEM TO THE BRAND! We apologize for any inconveniences this might cause for you. We are currently developing the video platform for much better experience. Hang tight – we will get there!

Mission rules

- Have people in the foreground showing positive emotions and interacting

- Have a clean, minimal background

- Shoot the video in good light

- Do not show any brands

Example videos