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About this mission

VLINY is a French cosmetic brand committed to take care of the skin with top quality products. Both the development and production are located in France. Our goal is to revolutionize the cosmetics and skin care industry through the use of unique, natural and superior quality ingredients. Our main products are currently face mask for each part of the face : one mask, one part, one treatment. We have in total 8 masks with different variants. Each letter of the brand name VLINY with some + and - variants.

The purpose of this mission is to generate high quality images of our products alone and in use on our website, and help freshen up our brand image.

We want to see:
🧖‍♀️Shots of all products together (Hero Image)
🧖‍♀️Single Product Shots (Plain background and squared off)
🧖‍♀️An “On Model” Shot (Face mask applied on the model) - of each product
🧖‍♀️Clean cut shots, nothing too crazy, minimalistic approach.
🧖‍♀️Stick to the dominant colors of VLINY: White/black for the website.
🧖‍♀️White is the main color.
🧖‍♀️Turquoise/navy/blue (like the colors of the products) are the only color.
🧖‍♀️Hints of silver/metal for luxury aspect.
🧖‍♀️The product should always be in focus.

Our positioning on the market is to be perceived as a luxury, high quality cosmetic brand.

Our main inspiration are luxury brands and especially 111skin.com and asos.com (the ordinary). Please also refer to their instagram.

Our website is vliny.fr

Example photos

Face Masks with Vliny example photo