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About this mission

Xello is an engaging, online program that helps students transform their aspirations into personalized, actionable plans for academic and career success. A key part of this plan is Xello’s curated database of 600+ career profiles for students to explore. At the top of each profile is a photo of someone in that career (see attached for examples).

We have teamed up with Xello to request your help in updating their career hero images. For this Mission you are to submit photos of a professional engaged in one or more of the following tasks.

- Police Officer duties: patrol areas on foot, motorcycles, bicycles, or in cars; respond to calls such as assaults, car accidents, or noisy parties; help crime victims and arrest suspects; investigate criminal activity; may work with special units / task forces

- Parking Lot Attendant duties: issue time stubs to customers as they arrive; calculate the amount owed by departing customers and take their payment; patrol parking lots to prevent theft; keep lots clean and tidy

Overall Goal: Give students a realistic and candid glimpse of a career in an inspiring light.

- lifestyle photo of a professional doing their job
- submit RAW files
- centre the action vertically (see examples below)

- give a sense of the work setting
- subject should fill a third of the frame
- create depth in your image when possible
- place your subject slightly to the left of the right of frame

- fake smiles, "look happy" poses (stock photo look)
- zoomed in or close up angles
- busy photos with no focus on subject

CHECK THE EXAMPLE PHOTOS BELOW FOR DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO FRAME YOUR SUBJECT (do not include any text, this will be added by Xello in post-production)

Photos showing recognizable faces require Model Releases. Please go to https://www.foap.com/me/model-releases to upload the Model Release.
You can find more information here: https://community.foap.com/whats-a-model-release/

Example photos

Jobs - Police Officer / Parking Lot Attendant example photoJobs - Police Officer / Parking Lot Attendant example photoJobs - Police Officer / Parking Lot Attendant example photoJobs - Police Officer / Parking Lot Attendant example photo