Case Study:

Sourcing content in the pre-retail product phase

woman watch coffee fashion reading hand flat-lay magazine glasses branded UGC contenthandsome Afro-American man fashion watch beard portrait UGC content tie fall black orangeman hands watch close-up t-shirt marine fashion blue white stripes 40 50 branded UGC contentman watch hand drink plane jet travel business travelling shirt suit airplane branded UGCman watch close-up hand metal gold fashion zoom UGC content

Challenge: Bulova asked for user-generated images of watches to be used on their Instagram account (@bulova) before their newest collection hit the stores! The photos were to be 100% authentic and fresh to appeal to their targeted urban, creative audience; the modern generation.


Foap was able to identify great photographers that could contribute best with different styles, angles and perspectives. So we facilitated product sampling, shipment as well as further art direction follow-up with photographers.


By working with a diverse community of photographers Bulova was able to create content portfolio for several watches that made great product/fashion/urban/lifestyle-oriented digital UGC for the brand to distribute even before the collection was out!

hipster father holding daughter watch hand tattoos shirt town portrait street men family love hug hands freelance bulova UGC content