Case Study:

How NIVEA, world’s no 1 skin care brand trusted FOAP with brand imagery for all digital needs

Successful global brands capture and convey both detailed analytics and universal insights to win audience’s heart, enhance brand loyalty and engage in social dialogue. Natural looking visuals to attract the brand’s segmented and diversified audiences are of the utmost importance if the brand is to conquer the competition for customer’s attention.

The Challenge

Having in mind the utmost importance of NIVEA’s global brand consistency which is undoubtedly a beneficial strategy and position of market strength, while the reality is demanding a ”think global, act local” attitude, we were asked to prepare a complex solution to overcome frequentand troublesome challenges for NIVEA’s Global Marketing Executive across their organisational structures. We were also combating decentralised, market-by-market budgets, which can slow the adoption of central branding indicatives and weaken global campaign authority if not followed.


GOAL: Building a versatile content bank of ready-to-use visuals perfect for Social Media and Marketing Campaigns for all products and regional teams.

IDEA: Product and lifestyle-themed customer-centric visuals with strong story-telling power to reflect brand’s philosophy and values. Open and sampling Missions to hand-picked photographers for best on-brand results.

CONSTRAINT: Profound understanding of segmented brand’s audiences’ needs, desires and preferences by Foap’s photographers was essential to create thumb-stopping content devoid of that “corporate, stocky feel, yet in-line with particulars of brand’s aesthetics.

Depending on popular stock repositories in search of on-brand HQ pictures proved to be ineffective. The actual brand-like aesthetics and style was either impossible or too time, attention and resource consuming.

Full legal compliance of global, unlimited rights to use of content and the ability to share it across teams was another factor that drove the decision makers at Beiersdorf to use Foap’s services.

Alisa Mueller, International Digital Content Manager

103 Missions Launched

6 Main Theme Categories

243 994 Photos

68 657 Visual Content Creators

The result

In the era of intensive, instant digital communication brands are challenged by the need for insatiable flow of visual assets to be used across channels - from corporate webpage, numerous local and global SM channels to POS. Visuals submitted by our photographers fully met brief’s and Mission’s requirements so there was no need for additional graphic works. Bank of visuals was shared across teams and product communication lines instantly. On-brand content that sells and attracts!


IG Engagement Rate


Video Mission

Once our first Mission was launched, we were instantly captivated by the value and quality of on-brand imagery submitted by photographers from all around the world, responding actively and creatively to our challenges. Every next Mission proved to be just as effective even if a very exotic product ingredients was to be featured. To our awe, narrow-themed, demanding Missions brought best content! Power of Foap’s community seems to limitless.

- Alisa Mueller, International Digital Content Manager

NIVEA had a great understanding of what Foap does and can deliver. They showed great approach in diversifying their creative needs into particular Missions for best results. No wonder one of our snaps for Labello is their most liked Instagram post to-date!

- Zois Georgakis, Head of Content, Foap

Over our long relationship with NIVEA we have created hundreds of images the brand is using in their digital communication.

Especially in social channels UGC proves to be extremely effective for creating loyalty, brand conversation and engagement.

The best thing is that NIVEA has always been involved not just in sourcing pictures with Foap but also in helping us become a better service by providing the most valuable ongoing feedback. - Julia Svirid, Sales Executive, Foap