FOAP is Facebook Marketing Partner Creative Platform

It’s official. FOAP has just been made a Facebook Marketing Partner, confirming what the industry has already been whispering about the crowdsourced visual content platform. Namely, that FOAP is a serious player in social media advertising, pushing a truly creative, mobile-first solution with serious results. And now they have a shiny new badge to prove it.

FOAP’s hard work and marketing nous were officially recognised by Facebook in the build-up to this year’s Facebook Partner Summit in New York.

Only the highest-calibre of technology partners are considered for the title, namely those companies with a proven track record of success in social media advertising.

Just take a quick look at the numbers generated by a sample of Foap clients and it’s easy to see why Facebook decided to invite Foap into the programme.

“At Facebook we believe that the power of collaboration can help to solve the biggest marketing challenges,” – said Lukasz Leoniewski, Head of Partnerships for Central and Eastern Europe at Facebook. “Foap’s commitment to help clients raise the brand awareness, engagement and return on ad spend through effective creative was a key reason why we decided to invite Foap to Facebook Marketing Partners program. Thanks to their support clients and agencies can do more on Facebook and beyond, achieving better results in their marketing efforts.”

Seven years and counting

FOAP first made waves in 2011 when they launched their customised content platform.

The company now boasts a diverse community of 3 million photographers and videographers from more than 180 countries, and lists some of the biggest brands and agencies as clients.

Brands like Nivea, Five Star and Air Asia, along with the top agencies of ADROC and Digitas New York, have all leveraged FOAP’s creative solution to generate high-quality images and videos.

The company has gone from strength to strength this year after launching the first phase of their ambitious expansion programme.

Apart from overseeing a major facelift, FOAP has invested in Facebook API integration, allowing clients to easily export their winning assets straight from their FOAP dashboard to Facebook or Instagram, complete with optimised targeting settings.

“Our company mission has always been to provide brand marketers global and authentic visual content that resonates with their key audiences,” said Adrian Dubler, CEO of FOAP. “2018 was pencilled in as a big year for us. In order to widen our portfolio, we knew we needed to scale up our product, both in quantity and quality. The Facebook Marketing Partner badge not only strengthens our mission but also allows us to evolve and ultimately deliver extra value to our clients.”

Authentic video content generation made easy

The scope of FOAP’s creative community and suite of services might be a lot to swallow in one bite but the process is really quite simple.

Rather than spending big on generic stock content that doesn’t necessarily align to your brand’s story and values, your brand or agency can source content made-to-order by simply submitting a campaign brief (or Mission as they call it), detailing your specific aesthetic demands, tone and target audience.

Next, 3 million creatives will compete against each other to deliver engaging content that best fulfils your brief.

Now you just need to select the winning photos or videos and deploy your assets however and wherever you like, safe in the knowledge that your content will not only perform but will remain legal and secure.

Video: the next part of a mobile-first revolution

It was really a no-brainer for FOAP to target video content. Social media posts featuring videos attract three times more inbound links than static posts.

“Video is a growing opportunity for brands, and it’s evolving faster than ever,” as Lukasz Leoniewski added. “When used with the right targeting and optimization it drives performance, too.  Marketers should try to build a connection between the brand and the customer at every touchpoint.”

Having already clocked up seven years in cutomised photography production, FOAP is well-placed to transfer their creative IQ into video generation.

The key is authenticity. Due to the scope and nature of FOAP’s diverse community of videographers, you can generate both globally-scalable and localised video content for your brand.



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