Foap is a customised visual-content
platform powered by creatives
for creative professionals.

We help brands scale their tailor-made photography & video content over 3 simple stages:

Brief & Launch

Detail the tone, aesthetics, target audience or any brand specifications of your desired content. Tap into Foap’s creative IQ … and click!

Review & Select

Presto! Watch your Mission gallery populate with visual content made to your brief. Browse, test & select your winning assets.

Collect & Go

Download your videos or photos, deploy your custom content in your marketing campaigns and hit your KPIs and ROI.

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Brief & Launch your Mission

Some people call it a brand brief; others a campaign plan. We call it a Mission.

Why? It’s more than a brief. A Mission is a vehicle that drives the shape, direction and results of your campaign, from conception, selection to deployment, with the Foap team offering end-to-end guidance and support along the whole creative journey.

Begin your Video or Photo Mission by asking yourself a few key questions about aesthetics, marketing persona, target audience, objectives, budget and brand specifications.

Foap will help by:

  • assigning your Mission,
  • a dedicated creative director,
  • to guide you through all your options.

Launch your Mission and let Foap’s global community of creatives get to work on your Mission by crafting customised videos or photos. All for you and your brand.

Foap will help by:

  • promoting your brief once it's live,
  • liaising with the community for you,
  • offering expert support 24/7, 365.

Transfer your answers into a Creative Brief, clearly detailing your brand's visual identity, goals, guidelines, deadlines and rules.

Foap will help by:

  • reviewing your brief against a set of benchmarks we know that will deliver the most accurate results.

Choose from 3 types of Missions

Product Sampling Mission

You want to create some early buzz or test the market with some social-media visuals.

Let Foap select sample users & generate pre-launch content.

Secret Mission

You’re about to launch but you want to keep your competitors guessing.

Launch a Mission only visible to a select group.

Exclusive Mission

You want your content to stand out and avoid any copycats.

Request assets exclusively licensed to your brand.

Review & Select

You’re up and running. Now watch your Mission Gallery populate with assets customised to your Mission, all in real time.

Browse through the results via your user-friendly dashboard in real time.

Foap will help by:

  • filtering and promoting only the most relevant results for you.

Review, test, rank and add selected content into albums to share. Call upon our creative team’s expertise.

Foap will help by:

  • expertly curating the content into a shortlist that best fulfils your creative brief.

Connect with the participants through our Content Curation Team to make tweaks or improvements to your visual assets.

Foap will help by:

  • providing bonus production management support, depending on your service plan.

Collect & Start Marketing

Download and start leveraging your visual content however or wherever you like. It’s all yours. For good!

Social media, websites, online campaigns, direct marketing, print, no matter where, start scaling your custom content in your marketing campaigns.

Foap will help by:

  • offering expert guidance in selecting the most suitable and effective channel(s) for your content.

Watch your KPIs tick over and your ROI lift, over every stage of the marketing funnel, from awareness and consideration to decision and acquisition.

Foap will help by:

  • placing our in-house marketing team at your disposal,
  • offering our marketing know-how and tools to ensure all your key metrics are met - and then some.

Analyse, appraise and return for some more tailor-made content, only bigger and smarter.

Foap will help by:

  • following up with further campaign support, depending on your service plan.

Why Foap?

A picture is worth a 1000 words

… just as long as it’s on brand. We believe there is no substitute for authentic brand imagery. No generic stock images or videos here. Only custom visual content that tells your brand’s story - and yours alone.

It’s in our blood

Just like you, we live for our craft. And that’s the business of delivering beautiful visual content that wows and sells. We love nothing more than to collaborate on strategy or talk metrics til the sun goes down - and after.

7 years and counting

That’s how long we’ve been guiding brands to creative greatness. Our creative team’s marketing IQ is only matched by the expertise of our legal & admin experts, ensuring your content not only performs but is legal and secure.

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