Case Study

Walk the talk

Santa Monica based Berri Fit began with a simple message: when you eat better, you feel better. They set out to test this maxim in a sports drink market where the health credentials marketed don’t always stack up to the actual ingredients supplied. No synthetics, additives or chemicals in Berri Fit’s plant-based beverages. Just 100% organic goodness for children and athletes alike.

The health-sports drink producer recorded a healthy 4x lift in engagement and 298% improvement in Ad Recall Lift with a Foap-directed video ad campaign on Facebook, while also reducing their CPM by almost a half.

Shaking up the market

Berri Fit wanted to snatch some shelf space from the big labels in the mainstream retail outlets by promoting their product in local CVS stores. They decided to try out video ads with authentic, localised content to speak directly to everyday athletes and health-conscious parents, and increase brand awareness in the process.

Organic always pays

Berri Fit’s Facebook campaign was not just a win for video ads but their company’s philosophy. If you want engagement, then you’d better make it authentic and organic. Their campaign delivered:


higher engagement rate


lower CPM than other engagement campaigns


improvement in Ad Recall Lift than other campaigns

Client testimony:

“For a small company in the middle of an expansion phase, it was a real pleasure to have Foap quarterback this campaign all the way through, from content creation to legals to Facebook optimization, especially when we were trying out video ads for the first time. I’d say ‘priceless’, but that wouldn’t exactly be true. We nearly halved our CPM”

Jerome Tse, CEO and Founder of Berri Fit

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