Case Study

Disrupting inefficiency

All it took was one nightmare visit to a Russian visa office to provide the spark behind Viselio. The long and painful process needed to be changed – and fast. Viselio stepped in to offer an online visa application service to reduce processing times and increase application success rates.

The online visa service saw a 272% increase on Ad Recall Lift by harnessing the power of video ads on Facebook to guide a follow-up DPA campaign.

Fishing for ROAS with video

Viselio wanted to increase engagement around their brand. At the same time, they were curious to see how effective video ads could be in boosting their brand awareness and building a custom audience.

Double surprise

Opting for video over static image ads proved to be a big success. The video ads not only delivered Viselio the metrics required for their follow-up DPA campaign but gave them instant results. Over just a 7-day period, their initial campaign recorded:


increase in Ad Recall Lift



72 000+

Engaged Users

Client testimony:

“Our whole goal is to open up new and exotic locations for travelers and then ultimately help them to get there. In that spirit, we thought we would also enter new territory. We tested out video ads on Facebook mainly to gather data for our next DPAs. But we didn’t expect to see a 272% increase in Ad Recall Lift over just a week. I mean, it was supposed to be a test run. A very pleasant surprise, to say the least.”

Niklas Zeller, CEO & Co-Founder of Viselio

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